Why 'Bards'?


In medieval times, the originally celtic bard was a poet and storyteller. In order to make their stories more believable bards needed to practice sounding like different people.

a bard was a storyteller

William Shakespeare and Robert Burns are still known today as bards, and there are many others. At Bards we believe that the first stage of learning a new language follows this process.

Acting out characters and stories is how we learned our first language. We copied what we saw other people do and say, and then we pretended to do and say the same.

We're all bards, really!

Then, one day, without really knowing when it happened, we discovered that we actually were saying and doing the same things as them. So we're all bards, really!


Why learn with bards

Above all else we understand how difficult it can be to learn a new language: but we also know how rewarding and fun it can be. We have many years experience teaching children how to learn - activities which need to be engaging - and, with the help of the world renowned CELTA training course, we've converted those ideas into courses for adults.

You can see some of those activities here on our website - our full courses have many, many more - and we're confident we can find the right combination to improve your English language skills.

Bards language school
Stuart Bonsell

After twenty years spent teaching 11-18 year old students in London, Stuart retrained to teach English to adults prior to his move to Nantes in 2016. In 2017 he continues to teach in schools in Angers and opens Bards Language School in August 2017. 

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