The Schwa - the secret to speaking English

Available in Kindle format with audio built-in, and print format for audio download to your phone or tablet

The Schwa Front cover

English pronunciation is well known for being difficult ...

This is due, mostly, to the schwa: the most common vowel sound in English.
  • It is the easiest sound in English to pronounce, yet the most difficult to hear.
  • It’s not studied in schools, yet every native English speaker knows exactly when to use it - because it is the English sound.
  • Yet most of those people have never even heard of it ...

... until now

Learning to use the schwa - by hearing others use it in conversation, and using it in conversation yourself - will transform your spoken English.

The Schwa contains:

  • over 600 useful, work-related phrases to practice on your own

  • audio recordings for every phrase

  • ideas for turning every phrase into a conversation

and every schwa in the book is underlined

With 'The Schwa' you will quickly start to hear English as you've never heard it before and finally discover what has been missing from your English pronunciation.


Preview of 'The Schwa':

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The Schwa E Book Sample

The audio recordings for the print version are available HERE (with a password printed in the print book).


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