Business/TOEIC preparation course par heure

12,50 TTC

Our Business/TOEIC business course can be booked per hour. The course is aimed at independent speakers of english (Level B1-B2). Please see our Guide to language levels and take our Language Test to find your level. The TOEIC course book is available from our shop. Please note: The cost of this course does NOT include the TOEIC examination fee. Please talk to your teacher if you would like us to book your test in Nantes.



Our Business/TOEIC course brings a strong, business-centred focus to english learning. There is an emphasis on conversation using business terminology including idiomatic usage. Lesson themes range from business telephone calls and networking, to chairing meetings, analysing business goals, planning advertising strategies and evaluating business performance. Each 2 hr lesson includes 45 minutes preparation for the Reading and Listening TOEIC examination using official examination practice questions.
We encourage students to use SRS learning software between lessons to maximise the speed and accuracy of learning. Please see our business course page cor details of how SRS can help you.

Bards language school

Stuart opened Bards Language School, Nantes, in September 2017 – and Learnch, in March 2018 – to help French students develop their spoken English.

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